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Отв: МаксГолд 2005 бета 2  -  guest,  09.09.2005  21:32:07

Hi, I installed the beta successfully on my Windows 2000 SP4 1.7GHz centrino machine with an ATI9700 video card.

I noticed a problem with FPS. When I don`t do anything, the FPS stays at 50. When I zoom out or start to move the map the screen becomes jerky and an FPS of 1 is displayed. Is it a known problem or is it something specific to my computer?

On the distribution of resources on the map. In the original MAX, resources of the same type were not allowed next to each other, in adjacent cells (except on diagonal). Was that removed in the new version on purpose?

Редактировано guest 09.09.05 21:32:07