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вырезка из чата на тему идеальной стратегии. дабы не потерялась...  -  Barloggg,  03.05.2006  13:11:20

Barloggg 03.05.06 13:06:57 well hill affect to range of fire only for ballistic-traectory firepower.... and not affect onto projectives (like laser) and missiles.
Barloggg 03.05.06 12:58:03 i mean how damagepoint will spread over the modules? how many hits the drive? how many hits the scanrange?
Barloggg 03.05.06 12:56:48 well how will damagepoints hit the system? randomly?
PK 03.05.06 12:52:39 upgrades by gold and by unit`s inside systems are two ways of unit improvement. It all can be done.
Barloggg 03.05.06 12:50:23 so. i think there not possible to use non standart units with non satandart complectation.
PK 03.05.06 12:50:11 no structure, armor, drive and systems have general points before they collapse ... while inside each unit player could put his own stuff, like drive xx, armor zz, special system 1,2,3 , cannon yy, ww and etc
Barloggg 03.05.06 12:49:42 w have original MAX unit. right? we upgraded it by gold increasing its base parameters. right? we also research new technology which also increasing unit parameters. right?
Barloggg 03.05.06 12:48:18 but how it will work with multimodule principe? or. understood. there will be no modules. Only MAX unit structure with additional bonuses to parameters. adding to gold investment... but... do i understood it correctly?
Barloggg 03.05.06 12:46:26 default parameters... yes it is really maxmoo but not my moo on the planet
Barloggg 03.05.06 12:42:14 PK, Ход в буфере
PK 03.05.06 12:38:05 this means default unit`s stuff like range for tank 4 or hits for ship 28 ... i got big bag of ideas ... but i am not sure if you want to program them all really :)
PK 03.05.06 12:35:37 also i see the steps idea in buying well made, i would improve it to 0-4 (1 buy=1 step) 5-9 (1=1.5),10-14 (1=2), 15-19 (1=2.5), 20-24 (1=3) and so on ...
PK 03.05.06 12:29:31 also i have vision of terrain height, on hills units would have greater range, maps should be more detailed but it would lost the compatibility with original game
PK 03.05.06 12:16:47 in moo2 units could die due to structure kill, drive collapse, or troops fight in the unit, its a thing to think of ... maybe too deep
PK 03.05.06 12:14:00 so when player puts plasma cannon on its ship, he knows how big the final damage will be to structure of enemy, but he must be aware of enemy defence things which lowers the damage
PK 03.05.06 12:12:30 and i want to make things clear in creating units, so all would be written like : 10 basic damage, +xx bonus from tech 1,2,3, +xx% bonus from attack resarch tree then damage written by each weapon
PK 03.05.06 12:09:18 i want to add morale to man in factories, train level to each battle unit, goverments to improve special things like research, spying or production
PK 03.05.06 12:07:05 and bring max into next level of strategy :)
PK 03.05.06 12:06:49 its really hard for me to explain all technological vision of this game, its very deep, but as it would be programmed - i belive it would work smooth and logical
PK 03.05.06 12:05:42 shields and force fields are a must, i forgot about fields, hehe thx! i must place them too
PK 03.05.06 12:05:08 double drive would have 20 points so unit would move even under heavy damage
PK 03.05.06 12:04:44 double drive would result in faster unit or better proteced drive of unit, while unit is hit it should become SLOWER to move, so better protected drive would slow the drive failure time, default drive would have 10 poitns before unit would be not moving
Barloggg 03.05.06 12:03:36 just two: hits and armor. and may be force field.
Barloggg 03.05.06 12:03:09 ok i understood you point of view. but i not like structure and system points.
PK 03.05.06 12:02:29 like in moo2 each unit have armor points, structure points and system points, weapons does damage to each kind of these ones or just only one - its really cool
Barloggg 03.05.06 12:01:31 hmm i want more example: how it will works with DOUBLE DRIVE tech you written?
PK 03.05.06 12:01:21 so the final damage to enemy is really not so easy to predict, singe we got 3 kinds of armor!
PK 03.05.06 12:00:13 so all steps become 12, 14, 16 x 1.3 special value from this tech! and this value is modified by weapon kind on the unit!
Barloggg 03.05.06 11:59:53 hmm % increasing only base characteristics...
PK 03.05.06 11:58:34 no i see it different way, look : 10 basic damage, with viper warhead make step as 1.3, so when you buy to attack one step of gold and make it 12 you receive a bonus to it by 30% and you got not 12 but 12x1,3 ... this is how i see it
Barloggg 03.05.06 11:58:30 or for gold we also can invest new technology? btw how it will combine? max tech research and MAX %research?
Barloggg 03.05.06 11:57:01 when we invest new warheads we start upgrade this from scrach for gold...
Barloggg 03.05.06 11:56:04 well about gold. may be it will use to increase characteristic of each module invested by research? +10%toVIPER WARHEAD damage... +20%
PK 03.05.06 11:55:44 gold would work as is now, it works great, and it would work in clan made in first screen ( virtual gold to by the upgrades to units and buy some race things like faster factory or etc ) - here lies huge area to make custom clans,
PK 03.05.06 11:53:39 moo2 is not balanced so great as max is, i say i want to see a more MAX then moo game, max is better in many ways, improved by some moo2 things would become the ultimate strategy :)
Barloggg 03.05.06 11:52:54 o. i forgot this thing. GOLD. how it will work?
PK 03.05.06 11:52:15 so i propose to keep the balance of original max in gold upgrades, a player would have virtual cash for upgrades - like 30 gold and he would make better units with this gold, then thse units would have default values from what he bought
Barloggg 03.05.06 11:51:20 balance... once a heard that in MOO2 non ideal balance. union+creative+rocketlaunchersrocketlaunchersrocketlaunchers... and all will fall... So we will use MAX construction principe?
PK 03.05.06 11:50:59 i would have to start from begin - the clan selection, points for units upgrades ( custom clan ability made ) and then more
PK 03.05.06 11:49:58 max is different from moo - we are already in planet, moo we got planets in same system and in other system - so it requires different kind if ships, in max i dont see a reason to make moo2 like thing
Barloggg 03.05.06 11:48:21 i have an quiestion. factory constructing. in moo for each planet we make different colony ships. this is good. first we make constructiong set and there we unpacking it on the place. In MAX we have constructor which construct all wee wanted...
PK 03.05.06 11:47:47 of course no hurry, i just say i see how big work it requires to make balanced game and whole bunch of ideas to make it interesting, its a massive work to develop such systems and test them in the game
Barloggg 03.05.06 11:46:00 so i undertasd that this tech tree mutually exclusive with MAX improvement of base characteristic. Requires Lot of Work? we have so many time for move that we wanted. no need to hurry.
PK 03.05.06 11:42:39 in moo2 were created, each system and cannon could be placed by player from his resarched stuff - it was wounderfull, but requires lot of work in tech tree and balance keeping in game
PK 03.05.06 11:41:46 my tech tree may not fit into your idea of game, i knew it from begin, everyone has its own vision of game, bigger tank could be possible based on better chassis and more modules on it, remember that i wish to create each unit with custom things like ship
Barloggg 03.05.06 11:40:41 non standart units... tank with size of factory... for example...
PK 03.05.06 11:40:04 what mutants ?
PK 03.05.06 11:39:31 this tech tree is quite deep if i want to explain you all my ideas, example armor and cannons: 3 different kind of armor protects from different kind of weapon. Beams make energy damage, rifle cannon make metall damage while other can do structure damage
Barloggg 03.05.06 11:38:10 what is you want more? more MAX or more MOO? i want more MOO. I want to have the whole bestiary of any mutants
PK 03.05.06 11:37:00 so he has to choose from good techs and build his strategy over his research tree, newer warhead means more damage from single shot
PK 03.05.06 11:35:44 tech tree cannot be researched by one player in all techs, he gets 2 of 4 or 1 of 2/3 techs
Barloggg 03.05.06 11:32:15 But you prefer other way. Missile crawler with standart mnissile after that with VIPER WARHEAD, after that with XENOR WARHEAD... and so all...
Barloggg 03.05.06 11:30:49 for now i`m make prog for unlimited modules per units. only matter is geometric size of base construction (like MOO). So i can place 2-3 layers of armor. theoretically. and i capable to construct this units. Why? fight will show...
PK 03.05.06 11:30:43 i will wait to see what you programmed
PK 03.05.06 11:29:45 seems unlogical, since its stationary :)
Barloggg 03.05.06 11:28:59 just stationary turret capable for moving...
PK 03.05.06 11:27:55 Its simple and fast. 6 size construction yard would be complicated i think. tank with 30 cannons? its little too much
PK 03.05.06 11:26:59 i did not put standart max techs, because they are obvious to me - they will exists also like now. I would have to explain you all the techs i put there. Some rise morale of man and this causes more production or etc. We got 2 size construction things now
Barloggg 03.05.06 11:26:21 yes, MAX is wargame. but why i need to build large factory for constucting scounts and engineers?
Barloggg 03.05.06 11:25:37 small, medium... why? i want to make tank with 30 cannons. so i need big caterpillars...
Barloggg 03.05.06 11:24:49 I seen you techtree... this is MOO. where is MAX? i forgot most all MOO techs... some of them for me nothing to say... mind control, pleasure dome... is there really need?
PK 03.05.06 11:23:50 you are going to complicate the building process too much, while MAX is a war game, not mainly a construction game. Overcomplicated building process is a bad idea in my view.
PK 03.05.06 11:22:51 Small,Medium,Large,Huge,Titan,DoomStar constructions - this is a mistake
Barloggg 03.05.06 11:22:19 and then these modules combined in ready units by any free factory with enought size. but this is only minds. by the next weeak i think i made a some kind of demo program to show you an scath of game.
Barloggg 03.05.06 11:20:52 mobile unit with module huge factory construction set draw to constuction site an connector and start construction. after construction constructor disappeared. also i think about high speed construction (like NetherEarth) factories make modules only
Barloggg 03.05.06 11:19:00 forms depending on which gear it is constructed) maximum size - 10 cells in any directions or may be more. to construct big unit you need big factory. so i want to see Small,Medium,Large,Huge,Titan,DoomStar constructions. To construct fractory we make
Barloggg 03.05.06 11:16:30 PK, how it looks? Like MAX. I like MAX map format, so there will be used MAX map files. and this module already done. How will look game? Like MAX. We will have max resources, we will have standart TurnBaseStrategy Units (which have differrent sizes and
Hruks 03.05.06 10:41:01 Soub: Ход в буфере. Давненько я не брал в руки шашки...
PK 03.05.06 3:30:11 Barloggg - in buffer/doc you will find my techtree.xls file. I can develop more advanced techs, but first we should discuss how your game looks like. KluWolF - to bad I missed you. I will check for a move by 11 chat time tommorow. Good night!
PK 02.05.06 22:26:55 Waiting for the Great Canadian Warrior :)
Slavik 02.05.06 22:07:11 Lord_Ilya-Ход в буфере.
PK 02.05.06 19:35:23 Barloggg - I think KluWolF is still doing his turns. To make such a tech tree i would first need to see the program you wrote. Such a tree needs alot of work.